Adrian Casillas, MDAllergy & Immunology - Medical Director

Dr. Adrian M. Casillas is a board-certified provider in Allergy, Immunology, and Internal Medicine, as well as a passionate researcher and lecturer in those fields.

Before joining the team at BreatheAmerica El Paso, Dr. Casillias spent nearly two decades furthering the study of Allergy and Immunology in California, where he spent his residency at the UCLA School of Medicine, and in Texas. He also earned his Medical Degree from the UCLA School of Medicine, and his undergraduate degree from the University of Notre Dame.

In his time away from the clinic, Dr. Casillas has channelled his passion for medicine into 30+ years of medical academia, serving as an Associate Professor at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX, and on committees that advise medical school students and faculty.

Dr. Casillas was raised in El Paso, and is happy to be serving the residents here with the support of his wife, Tina, who is a dermatologist. Along with spending time with his family, Dr. Casillas’s favorite hobbies include cycling and scuba diving. His favorite dive trip to date was to Maui!

We at BreatheAmerica El Paso are incredibly fortunate to have Dr. Casillas providing excellent care and expertise to our patients. We all learn a little something from him every single day!

A full curriculum vitae for Adrian M. Casillas, M.D. can be viewed here.