Rachel Camp, PA-CAllergy & Immunology

Rachel Camp, a care provider at BreatheAmerica Albuquerque, decided to become a Physician Assistant after years of work as a respiratory therapist. Now, she’s able to provide more thorough and specialized respiratory care to all of her patients at BreatheAmerica!

Before becoming a PA, Rachel had earned a bachelor’s degree in Management from Georgia Tech, and a bachelor’s degree in Respiratory Therapy from Medical College of Georgia. Her Masters of Medical Science in Physician Assistant Studies was earned at Mercer University.

She has found that the passions and principles that she most loved as a respiratory therapist are blending beautifully in her work as a PA at BreatheAmerica. Her biggest interests as a PA are in pediatrics and asthma, which she gets to dive into daily! The best part, she says, is getting to lay forth a complete plan of care for her patients, building relationships with them, and following their progress along the way.

The most rewarding part of her job is being able to help people lead better, happier lives. She loves when patients come back to her, telling her about all the things they’ve been able to do because they’ve successfully overcome their respiratory illness!

When she’s not at BreatheAmerica, Rachel enjoys hiking with her husband, Josh and their two dogs, Addie and Bailey.

We’re proud to have Rachel on our team!