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5 Reasons You’re Allergic to Christmas Trees

For those of us with hay fever, it’s not always difficult to tell what’s making us sneeze—whether it be a pet, a dusty fluffing of furniture, or a bouquet of flowers that’s extra pollen-filled. The culprit for Christmas trees can, surprisingly, be a little harder to pinpoint.

  1. Type of Tree

While true pine allergies are pretty uncommon, that is the most likely allergy that you may have to a type of tree. If that’s the case, you know all year-round that pine trees trigger your allergy symptoms. If you want a natural Christmas tree you can always choose another kind, like a fir, spruce, or cypress! The Leyland cypress is actually famous for being sterile—meaning that it doesn’t produce pollen.

  1. Outdoor Debris

Ever wondered why Christmas tree farms have those tree shakers? It’s to shake out all the loose needles and debris that have been making a home in your tree! This debris carries pollen, dust, dirt, and all the classic allergy triggers that you work so hard to avoid. You want to be sure that you’ve gotten as much of that out as possible before bringing your tree inside.

  1. Mold

Sad news—both natural and artificial trees are likely to be home to a variety of molds! As you probably know, mold is a serious threat to both allergies and asthma, and it’s a top offender in respiratory-related illnesses. Check out this super helpful article on how to get the mold out of your Christmas tree.

  1. Dust

Do you have one of those nice storage bags for your artificial Christmas trees? If not, you need one! Why? Because left uncovered, your tree spends all year collecting dust, just for you to pull it through the house and into its spot for the holidays. From there, it will radiate dust and allergens until you put it away again! If your tree looks even remotely dusty, you need to give it a deep clean outside before setting it up.

  1. Artificial Scent

Are you one of those festive people who like to put real-Christmas-tree-smelling scent sticks in your tree? Do you like to have holiday candles burning around the house? Well, those artificial scents could be the reason why your fragrance-sensitive loved ones are sneezing!

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