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5 Tips for Surviving Cold Weather Months

When winter finally arrives, we welcome it with open arms!

Sweaters, fires, Christmas cheer—what could go wrong?

We at BreatheAmerica know exactly what goes wrong with winter.

Our patients often struggle with chronic sinusitis during this time of year, and, if not that, they struggle with a constant cough that accompanies their allergies, asthma, or COPD.

These struggles are all byproducts of the season change! Luckily, we have a few tricks up our sleeves for mitigating the triggers that make us sick and miserable during what should be the happiest time of the year.

Herbal Teas

When you’re struggling with a constant cough, it can be tempting to lean on cough drops for temporary relief. While they can help, they don’t have the healing benefits that sipping on herbal teas can provide.

While sipping on hot water, lemon, and honey can go a long way in relieving your throat, there are also a few other herbs that we highly recommend for mitigating the pain of both a sore throat and sinus pressure.

Find our tea recommendations for sinusitis here, and some great sore throat teas here.

Clean House

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it a thousand more times: The BEST way to keep fall and winter indoor allergies at bay is to keep a clean house!

Fight off those dust bunnies and get rid of as much pet hair as you can—FREQUENTLY—because you and your family will be spending a lot of time breathing that indoor air this winter.

Take HOT Showers

Adding this trick to your shower routine will not only make your bath time more spa-like, but it will also help open up your sinuses!

If you have time for a little relaxation, block the doorway draft with a towel to turn your bathroom into a sauna!

Take a few minutes to sit in the steam and breathe in some eucalyptus-filled air. Your winter-dry skin, lungs, AND your sinuses will thank you.

Bundle Up

Contrary to what our mothers told us, you actually can’t catch a cold just from going out with wet hair in the winter.

But there is some truth to their reprimands!

Forgetting to bundle up can leave you exposed to the many, many viruses floating around during this time of year.

So take advantage of the excuse to layer up with sweaters and hats. Even more importantly—WASH YOUR HANDS!

Family Time

Take advantage of the time indoors this season by getting to spend time with your family!

Make it your goal to learn something new about the people in your family this year.

Take the time to cut out some of the habits or routines in your family that’s causing stress. Reducing your family’s stress levels can, after all, have tremendous health benefits for all of you!

You just may find improvement not only in your family relationships, but also in your sleep habits, focus, and even weight.

We hope you enjoy these helpful blog posts!

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