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A Day to Celebrate Our Doctors

Denise Tindall, Executive Director – BreatheAmerica Shreveport The primary priority in our clinic is always providing our patients with the very best care possible. We all know this isn’t possible without our wonderful staff of physicians. While we don’t get to say thanks to our docs very often, it is nice to recognize them for their outstanding contributions to our clinic and the ways in which they impact our patients’ lives.

Last week our clinic celebrated doctor’s day with our physicians. It was a great opportunity for all of the staff to show our doctors how much we appreciate them, and how special they make each one of our patients feel.  Our doctors were very gracious and thankful for our outpouring of gratitude toward them.  It’s been so rewarding to watch the patients who come in feeling terrible and sometimes even hopeless, leave with smiles on their faces because we’ve been able to provide them with a definitive diagnosis and treatment plan just for them.

Recently we had this occur with one of our ENT physicians.  A patient had dealt with an illness for many years, had seen numerous physicians, was feeling very down and frankly didn’t think he would ever be able to feel better again.  The patient saw our allergist, who in turn referred the case to one of our ENTs.  During the first visit, our physician was able to diagnose the problem and arrange treatment immediately.  The patient returned 2 weeks later with a huge smile and many thanks to the BreatheAmerica staff and physicians.  Cases like these make our work extremely gratifying, our doctors truly are transforming lives by providing exceptional care for patients who suffer from airway illness.