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Advice for Healthy Living

Pat Bullock, RN, Lead Nurse – BreatheAmerica Columbus

You Really Don’t Have to Live This Way

Frequently, chronic asthma patients learn to live with their symptoms and do not actually identify them as being problematic. Examples include the following:

Question: How is your asthma?

Answer:  Fine (except for the wheezing that wakes me up at night and has for the last 3 months).

Question:  How often have you used your rescue inhaler in the past 4 weeks?

Answer:  Not at all (I could have, but it expired and I didn’t get it refilled).

Help your doctor create a good quality asthma action plan by discussing details about symptoms and flare-ups.  Start with these simple questions that will help you best describe your asthma.

Since your last visit to the doctor have you….

… had an asthma flare up that sent you to see a doctor, or sent you to get emergency treatment?

… had to take an oral steroid for your asthma?

… used or needed your rescue inhaler more than twice a week?

… been waking up at night more often to use your rescue inhaler?

… been wheezing, even though you are taking your daily asthma medicine?

The best asthma action plan starts with a better discussion with your doctor.  At BreatheAmerica we take the time to really listen and explore all the challenges you may be experiencing. We want to find solutions to those challenges, and get you on the road to better health.