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Are allergies changing your sense of taste?

Some of our patients have asked if their chronic sinusitis and allergy sniffles are to blame for their changing sense of taste. They’re onto something! Today, we’re explaining exactly how your taste buds are dulled by your constant stuffy nose.

Taste is connected to smell.

Sure, the taste buds are the captains of perceiving the different tastes of dishes, but the entire experience of tasting something comes from teamwork between the tongue and the smell, texture, and even temperature of a dish. As one blog describes, it’s only after taste is combined with smell that a food’s flavor is produced.

That’s why wine masters rely so heavily on their noses—they can pinpoint the soil the grapes are grown in, the continent it comes from, and even the winemaster that made it, just from a long sniff of the wine.

When smell is compromised, so is taste.

It’s simple! Without your nose working with your tongue and brain, your tongue is left to interpret only the essentials—the signals that notify your brain that whatever you’ve got in your mouth is poisonous or spoiled—without the full experience of tasting the meal.

The medicines you’re taking have an impact on taste, too.

While most factors contributing to a stuffy nose are obvious, like a cold or allergies or a sinus infection, there are some causes that may surprise you. The number one offender is medication! For cancer patients especially, medication can lead to a change in your body’s ability to sense taste.

Chronic sinusitis can lead to a permanent or semi-permanent loss of smell, and thus taste.

The loss of olfaction, or your sense of smell, is taken seriously in the field of medicine, because it can point to a wide range of other physical and mental changes happening in your body. Smell isn’t just a luxury or an added plus when tasting food—it’s integral to our survival!

When we have sinus or allergy patients with complete Anosmia (loss of smell), we pay close attention to how that improves with their sinus or allergy treatment plans. It’s just one of the many symptoms that we take into account when designing custom treatment for each of our patients.

Put flavor back into your life!

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