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How To: Alleviate Spring Allergies

Any allergist will tell you: When it comes to seasonal allergies, prevention is KEY!

Of course, taking medication after an attack strikes will help alleviate symptoms, but treatment is much more effective when you’ve taken those meds before the sneezing and itching begins.

So, in addition to our recommendation of finding a customized, year-round solution to your allergies, here are some tips for beating the spring allergies that are coming your way:

Enjoy the outdoors—at the right time of day.

There’s a reason why we’re always reminding our patients to check the allergy advisories for the day. Because planning your outdoor workout for the hour when pollen counts are at their highest is a recipe for disaster!

Keep your home free of allergens.

Yes, it’s possible! Even though indoor air quality is notoriously worse than outdoor air, there are ways that you can cut down on the allergens that fill the air in your home (yes—even if you live with pets!).

The trick is to consistently clean up, targeting the worst allergy offenders like dust, mold, and mildew. Deep cleans are great, but be sure that you’re keeping check on your curtains, under couches, and in your pet’s favorite napping spots—there’s no telling how much of your indoor air pollutants are being born from those spots alone!

Keep your BODY free of allergens.

It’s crazy, we know, but your hair is a major trap for pollen and other allergens. If you’re going to bed after a day outside without washing your hair, all you’re doing is spreading those allergens all over your pillowcase so that you can breathe them in for the rest of the night. Pro tip: Don’t do that.

Take frequent showers when it’s high-pollen season.


You may even find some sinus relief in those showers.

Get the proper medication for YOU.

Over the counter solutions aren’t always effective for keeping seasonal allergies at bay (especially if you’ve been mis-diagnosed in the first place). That’s why we bring our patients in for personal consultations, where we develop those customized treatment plans. The best solution for you may be simple medications, or it may be

Call one of our locations or schedule your appointment online to get your treatment plan.

You’ll be amazed at how your symptoms disappear when you’re taking the right medications for YOU!

If you’re reading this blog because you’re currently suffering a severe allergy attack, don’t hesitate! Call our urgent care services ASAP.