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skyline in El Paso, TX


An Exciting Time to Be in El Paso

The Director’s Desk

Bill Pillsbury, Executive Director  BreatheAmerica El Paso

This is an exciting time to be in El Paso for a number of reasons. Soon we will have triple-A baseball in a multimillion dollar stadium downtown. Opening day is April 28th. Loop 375 is nearing completion on the east and west sides along with the Border Highway toll road.  The Fountains at Farah opened this year bringing a new variety of stores and restaurants to El Paso and paving the way for even more. On the west side, Montecillo is well under way as a premier mixed use development that will be attractive for young professionals considering careers in El Paso.

It’s also very exciting to see all that is happening in El Paso Health Care. The full four year program at Texas Tech Medical School launched in 2012. Previously it had been only a two year program. The children’s hospital at UMC now offers state of the art care and includes a diverse range of specialties.  In addition to UMC, Sierra Providence also has established an outstanding children’s hospital. Nearing completion is the second tower for the Sierra Providence East Hospital. This is an outstanding facility that will rival many large market medical centers. El Paso certainly seems committed to raising the bar for health care in this region.

BreatheAmerica is a prime example of bringing new, academic level medicine to El Paso. Our fully integrated services provide a much higher level of care for people suffering from allergy, asthma, sinus, and respiratory problems. Each week I realize even more just how outstanding our providers and staff really are. We take great pride in seeing the quality of people’s lives improve so significantly.