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Are you at risk for winter allergies?

While winter presents many opportunities to keep your family inside—watching movies, playing board games, cooking together, making memories! – it may be keeping harmful allergens into your home as well!

1: Mold and Mildew.

The winter months are cold and damp everywhere in the country. When leaves are piled on your roof and around the outside of your house, they become damp and can sometimes allow mold to find its way into your home!

Breathing in air infected with mold and mildew is harmful to your lungs and respiratory system, especially for those already suffering with asthma and other breathing issues.

Fight it: You can prepare your home during dry weather by checking your pipes and insulation (find more detailed instructions here!). If your home is well-insulated and prepared for winter conditions, you’ll be able to enjoy your home knowing that you’ve done the basics for keeping yourself and your family safe.

2: Family Pets.

You love them, you really do. But keeping your pets inside when it’s too cold for them outside can make your home a breeding ground for allergens related to pet dander!

Fight it: The best way to mitigate the effects of pet dander is to keep your pet clean! It may be messy to bathe them inside, but think of the family memories to be made and the shedding you’ll prevent if you can convince your kids to scrub the family pet at least once a week! Another smart move is to have your pet professionally groomed prior to heavy winter months. The groomer can thin out your pet’s protective (and super shedding) undercoat, which they won’t need if they’re going to be in your heated home all winter!

3: The Fireplace.

If you have the luxury of a real-wood fireplace and the luxury of being allergy-free, we envy you! For the rest of us, the ashes and smoke from a real fireplace can be a major irritant to our allergies and breathing. Real wood fireplaces also pose the risk of bringing mold into your home, as they can sometimes become damp when stored in the winter conditions outside.

Fight it: The good news is that there are incredible gas log options on the market! The ones in this buying guide, for example, are easy to install and provide all the homey comfort (and heat) without the smoke and ash!

We hope that the memories made in your home this winter are filled with fewer allergy and asthma episodes than ever before! If your symptoms just aren’t getting better, you can always call BreatheAmerica for a personalized consultation.