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How Asthma Sufferers Can Make Fall Their Favorite Season

We’re not all doom and gloom about fall allergy season around here!

While, yes, the higher levels of allergy triggers this fall will make asthma-sufferers a little more miserable outside, we’re uncovering some of the ways that they can maximize their time inside during these colder months.


No, you don’t have to spend the entire winter sitting in lotus pose and familiarizing yourself with the spiritually technical methods of meditation.

What we mean here is that practicing mindfulness during this slow season can help you to *slow down* and connect with your breathing.

Practicing this regularly helps not only to heal your rocky relationship with breathing but it can also improve your mental clarity, creativity, focus, and self-control—all of which are as crucial in everyday life as they are during an asthma attack!

If this sounds like a load of bologna to you, take a moment to read about the scientific research proving that the inflammation reduction found through meditation can also greatly benefit your asthma symptoms.

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate

Sure, you can eat chocolate outside and in the summer, but there’s something about staying in with our favorite indulgences that really makes time inside exciting.

Why chocolate? Because the caffeine and the theobromine found in chocolate have been found to ease some of the most uncomfortable symptoms of asthma.

Tea Time

Enjoying a hot tea is a widely beloved method for coping with that scratchy throat and other symptoms which often accompany asthma.

And while we certainly recommend enjoying this home remedy all year-round, we encourage you to really embrace tea time during the fall and winter months.

Here is a list of teas that should do the trick.

Longer, Hotter Showers

Did you catch our blog on the ways that you can elevate your shower time to give your airway a treat?

Now is the perfect time to give it a read, then to go create a spa for yourself as soon as you have a spare hour.

More Time in the Kitchen

It’s less tempting to go out for dinner when the sun is down by 5PM. Embrace this time of year by getting into the habit of meal-prepping! You’ll find that doing this regularly will help you lose weight and choose your food with more intention.

Win, win!

Remember, home remedies like this are meant to make your fall and winter indoor month more fun, but they’re only effective temporarily.

If you want to start working towards a permanent solution to your asthma, schedule a BreatheAmerica appointment today!

We can get started on creating a treatment plan specifically designed to remedy your unique symptoms.