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Autumn’s Impact on Asthma

We talk a lot about fall allergies and not often enough about the impact that fall allergies have on asthma. As anyone with asthma knows, the symptoms of asthma attacks are directly related to the symptoms of allergy attacks. Your airway is one complete system, after all!

This means that all the seasonal threats that fall brings to allergy-sufferers are also a threat to those of us with asthma.

We’ve outlined some helpful tips for allergy-sufferers in the face of fall allergies that should be considered by asthma-sufferers, too. If you or a loved one are prone to asthma attacks, or even struggle with COPD symptoms, it’s worth it to read these posts from our award-winning blog, listed below. You may discover some tips and tricks that help you avoid impending asthma attacks!

We hope you enjoy these helpful blog posts! If you’re local to one of our New Mexico or Louisiana offices, call us today to learn how you can benefit from our revolutionary method for achieving total airway health.