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Avoiding a Valentine’s Day Disaster

It’s the most romantic day of the year! But, as all of us food allergy sufferers know, candlelit dinners can turn sour very quickly if one of your allergy triggers sneaks onto your plate.

If you know what restaurant you’ll be going to, be sure to call ahead (or check the restaurant’s website) to see if they have any gluten-free or allergy-friendly options. If you’re the one taking out an allergy-sufferer, it will mean so much to them that you thought ahead!

And if you’re being asked out by someone that may not know the extent of your allergies, calling ahead will help you make your decision in the restaurant without making your date feel guilty. We love this blog’s tips on how to date with food allergies!

On that note, your date may feel REALLY guilty if the night ends with a kiss and you have a reaction to something they ordered. If your Valentine has severe food allergies, you should prepare for the big night by thoroughly brushing your teeth in the days prior and, when on the date, order something that is in line with their diet.

And, since you can never be too cautious, go ahead and familiarize yourself with what to do when someone is having an allergic reaction.

We know, we know. All of this sounds like a LOT of work. But being prepared far outweighs ignoring the threat of reaction altogether. You never know – your significant other may just rise to the occasion and become your teammate in the battle against food allergies!

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