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a man holding a batch of roses


The BEST Valentine’s Flowers for Allergies

Let’s start with the good news:


Roses are always a safe bet, even for allergy-sufferers.   

But we know that, even though roses are the classic Valentine’s gift, many people enjoy having more colorful, unique bouquets for their love. For those of you, we’ve made a list of the very best flowers to choose from if your loved one suffers from seasonal allergies.


Geraniums are the gift that keeps on giving! They’re often given as potted plants, as they bloom more successfully in a pot then as a bouquet. Your Valentine will be reminded of your thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift all through the spring! 


As classic as they are stylish, the hydrangea plant is having a big moment in the home decor scene! Gift your Valentine a hydrangea stem (which can be found even at your local grocery stores) or a potted hydrangea plant, which can be planted in your yard!


A favorite of many, lilies lend an elegant look to any setting. And the best part? They’re pollen-free!

Now that we’ve given you our top picks for the BEST Valentine’s Day flowers, we’ll tell you which kinds you should try to avoid. While you can find a long list here, these are the offenders that most commonly find their way into bouquets: