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Brian Smith


Brian Smith, who acts as both Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer for BreatheAmerica, has no shortage of wisdom when it comes to healthcare business operations.

Having earned his bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Illinois-Chicago and his Masters of Business Administration from DePaul University, he spent thirteen years in Chicago, fostering his passion for growing businesses before moving to Nashville in 1997.

Since moving to Nashville, Brian has continued to do what he loves, which is meeting new business leaders and learning the ins-and-outs of businesses large and small. He found his way to BreatheAmerica through the relationships he built with business mentors, and it has been our pleasure to work with and learn from him ever since.

He brings with him experience in financial analysis and planning for healthcare businesses ranging from pediatrics to senior care and physical therapy. He has handled mergers and acquisitions and has been on the front lines of growing a businesses to incredible revenues, sometimes exceeding $100 million.  You could say that that’s his bread and butter: turning a business to its fullest potential!

His wife of nineteen years, Shannon, and children Brent and Sophia are his biggest motivators. Everything he does is to provide for them—and that includes the many hours he spends coaching their youth sports!