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David A. DingessVice President of Sleep Medicine

David Dingess, BreatheAmerica’s Vice President of Sleep Medicine, has had a two-decade senior management career and a boasts a proven track record in driving results for companies by building and optimizing their operations, products, services, and marketing strategies—especially in the field of healthcare.

He began his career in business and financial services, the success of which, along with the influence of Nashville’s thriving medical industry, drove him to pursue a specialty in healthcare. He has been responsible for the successful business plans of multiple healthcare organizations and is passionate about the fields of Sleep Medicine and Durable Medical Equipment.

David loves all sports, but he especially loves golf and football. Between his three children, he has coached over 50 sports teams including baseball, softball, basketball, football and soccer. It’s no wonder that 2 of his children signed Division 1 sports scholarships to college!

We’re lucky to have David’s drive, passion, and industry expertise on our team.