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Combatting Dorm Room Sniffles

It happens every year—college freshmen go to college looking for a life of spontaneity and freedom, only to find themselves beholden to the campus infirmary for frequent colds, chronic sinus pain, and congestion.

It’s just a byproduct of living in close quarters with thousands of other students and in tiny rooms that collect dust.

The good news?

There’s hope! Stop picking up temporary drugstore fixes, and solve your problem for good with these tips:

Make an Effort to Clean Up

We know, we know. It’s college! Nobody’s making you clean your room anymore!

BUT, if you’re struggling with constant sickness and congestion, you may be doing yourself a favor by clearing your dirty laundry away from your AC unit and taking a little time to clean up the dust that’s starting to collect on your desk.

Have you seen what dust mites look like?

Take Care of Yourself

Your mom was right when she told you to wash your hands before every meal.

Have you taken a second to think about all the other hands that have touched the rail in your dorm building staircase?

Hands that haven’t read this blog and are still walking around spreading and collecting germs that give you constant colds??

Little things like washing your hands, getting plenty of rest, and eating right become huge factors when you’re combating chronic sickness. Have a good time. Enjoy college. But don’t compromise your health by neglecting your basic needs.

Find a Doctor Outside of Your University Clinic

Because chronic congestion is such a common problem at universities, the campus doctors and nurses usually prescribe the same medications to every case without considering your unique symptoms and history.

Finding a trustworthy care provider outside of that setting will give you an opportunity to find a lifelong solution to your sinus, allergy, and asthma issues—not just a quick fix!

If you’re experiencing this kind of congestion, don’t put off seeking treatment.

Schedule a consultation today, so you can start experiencing college to its fullest potential!