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Deep Cleaning: For Allergies

Especially during the freezing winter months and the brutally hot summer months, we spend almost all day indoors.

While the indoors seem like a safe place from allergy threats, indoor allergens can be even more harmful than the ones we face outside!

That’s why keeping a clean home is often include frequent home cleaning as an integral part of our patients’ customized treatment plans.

There are a few major areas of focus when it comes to deep cleaning for allergies. Tackle these issues, and you’ll be breathing comfortably in your home in no time!

Mold Hot Spots

We’ve talked about mold on our blog before, but we can’t emphasize enough the importance of stopping mold before it spreads.

Common areas of mold growth are anywhere that moisture may be trapped—like the shower and bathroom, around windows and doors, in or around the refrigerator, and even in your crawl spaces.

Sometimes, when our patients have unexplained sneezing and wheezing at home, we urge them to get a full mold inspection on their home. Even if you don’t see it, deadly mold could be growing somewhere behind walls and seriously impacting your health.

Dust Hot Spots

You THINK you see all the dustiest places in your house, but how often do you dust in those invisible places—like behind the refrigerator and under your bed?

That’s right—the places where you eat AND sleep house some of the thickest dust beds in your house. It’s also incredibly important to change your air filters as recommended by your HVAC technician. If you’ve been neglecting that chore, you’re likely blowing dust and debris throughout your home.

Pet Hair

Yes, allergy-sufferers DO live happily with pets! Sometimes, it takes a little more effort.

They key is to frequently bathe and groom your pet and to even more frequently sweep and vacuum their hair. Robot vacuums are a great option for making sure your floors are frequently swept, but you need to be vigilant about cleaning hair from couches and other furniture, too.

Allergy-Safe Cleaners

Many of our patients are concerned with using the safest cleaners possible, and we don’t blame them! Especially with so many natural, vinegar-based options on the market these days, we urge each of our patients to do some research to find what they’re comfortable with using.

If they’re comfortable with traditional, heavy-duty cleaners, then we say go for it! As long as it doesn’t irritate their allergies and it gets the job done.

Frequent Cleaning

The most important note you can come away with is to deep clean more often than you think you should. For allergy-sufferers, one or two deep cleanings a year just isn’t going to cut it.

Trust us—you’ll breathe much easier when you get those allergens out of the way.

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