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From the Desk of Our CEO – Q1 Newsletter 2017

BreatheAmerica family,

I Love My Job!

There are several reasons why I love my job as the President & CEO of BreatheAmerica but let me share a few of them with you.

As most of you know BreatheAmerica is comprised of two specific business lines.  There is our infusion business, which is called Precision Healthcare, and our airway disorder business which flies under the BreatheAmerica banner.  I am blessed to get to work side by side with two dedicated groups of individuals who provide the best care for the patients we serve. 

Our Precision business is an interesting and challenging business.  The service we provide allows us to help patients with illnesses lead a better life.  For the past year, we have worked diligently to improve on the billing and collections functions, sometimes referred to as our “back office”, to improve our business processes.  I am SO proud of the improvements we are making.  While we are not done yet, the improvements we have seen in the past year are nothing short of outstanding.  I love the fact that I get to work with such a talented group of caring individuals that care enough about what they do, to focus on the improvements in the processes needed to make our business better.  I love you all for what you do and thank you for allowing me to be a part of your TEAM.

On a recent visit to one of our airway disorder centers I grabbed an Uber ride back to the airport (yes even this old dog can learn new tricks).  I loved the conversation that took place in my Uber to the airport.  Driver – “do you work at BreatheAmerica”?  You always want to respond to a question like that with great pride but some days you might be a little guarded.  On this day, that was not the case.  When I shared with the drive that I did in fact work for BreatheAmerica he then on to share his experience with me as a patient of our center.  He shared with me that he has suffered for may years with symptoms of allergy or sinus issues.  He had seen a local ENT that told him he needed to have surgery.  Not feeling comfortable with the visit, he remembered seeing a digital media piece on BreatheAmerica and thought he would give it a try.  I wish I could have recorded the rest of the conversation.  He went on to explain to me that his initial visit and work-up was the best experience in healthcare he had ever had.  He felt the people he interfaced with were polite, caring and took the time to explain their findings.  Those findings led to him seeing our ENT.  Our ENT went on to explain to him that he did not need and was not a candidate for surgery now.  He was put on a very specific regiment to address his diagnosis and felt “the best he had in a long time”.  He intends to make an appointment again to learn more about how he can continue to be proactive about his plan of care and treatment options.  He described his experience as fantastic and said he had recommended BreatheAmerica to several friends and acquaintances.  I love what our airway disorders TEAM do for our patients in the name of BreatheAmerica.

Often when I return from out of town trips I might have several things on my mind about our businesses and the things we need to improve to be even better stewards of patient care.  This can sometimes lead to sleepless nights.  I can share with you that when I returned from this trip, digested the improvements we have seen in our infusion business and the story of my Uber drivers visit to our airways disorder center, I slept like a baby.

I love my job but what I love MOST … is the people that I have the honor to work with who care about the patients we serve and the work that we do.  Thank you all for what you do in the name of BreatheAmerica.

-Michael Skiera
President & CEO, BreatheAmerica