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Do I Have Asthma?

We’re fortunate to take care of many patients who struggle with asthma. Oftentimes, we’re able to heal a patient’s lifelong asthma struggle with our wholistic approach to airway health. We’re experts at identifying the source of your struggle and finding the right treatment plan for you.

We say all this to solidify our credibility on pinpointing the symptoms of true asthma. You may be experiencing wheezing and shortness of breath without a bona-fide case of asthma.

Here are a few of the signs that point to a real case of asthma:

It’s a chronic struggle.

Asthma is a long-term disease. It may be worse at certain times of the year, but you’ll experience the symptoms year-round if that’s really what’s causing your wheezing.

You may have either persistent or intermittent asthma—which have differing frequentness but equal severity.

You feel like someone is sitting on your chest.

This description is one of the most accurate descriptions of asthma. You may feel a “tightness” in your chest

when you do one particular thing, or even when you’re sleeping.

Wheezing and Coughing.

Last month, our blog took a deep dive into the details of wheezing. This is the tell-tale symptom of asthma, but our doctors are usually able to figure out if you’re wheezing because of asthma or because of another airway irritation.

Shortness of Breath

Do you feel like you can’t catch your breath, even when you’re not running around? This is a sign of asthma, but also of COPD, lung diseases, and airway obstructions.

While every case is unique, these are the biggest signs of an asthmatic struggle.

To learn more about your unique case, you should take our Asthma Quiz, or, even better, come in for an official diagnosis. Call one of our locations or schedule your appointment online today.