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Dr. Roland Gerencer on the news


Dr. Gerencer Interviewed By KOAT 7 About His Unique Procedure

It’s that time of year when the New Mexico wind forces pollen, dirt, and other irritants up your nose and into your sinuses. During this allergy season, some people may notice their partner snoring more, or experiencing increased labored breathing throughout the night.  BreatheAmerica’s own Dr. Ronald Gerencer was recently interviewed by KOAT 7 Albuquerque about how his revolutionary Balloon Sinuplasty may offer some relief.

Dr. Gerencer explains that allergies put pressure on your sinus cavity as the nose swells up, filling up the space for air to travel through unhindered. This “stuffy nose” feeling can lead to nocturnal mouth breathing, and a variety of symptoms that kind of sleep of both the patient and their family. The procedure can even help with more broad ENT disorders such as Nasal Obstruction, and yes, even snoring.

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