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“Eat, Sleep, and BreatheAmerica” A Patient Poem

One of our clinics recently received this heartfelt poem, written by a patient whose sleep problems we were able to put to rest at last. We thought we’d share their creative and thoughtful work! Enjoy:



Life Can Be Difficult Even When You Feel Your Best

But When Night After Night You Can’t Sleep You Get Very Little Rest

You Wake Up Each Morning Feeling Exhaustion And Dread

It Takes All Your Strength Just To Get Out Of Bed

Even After You Drink Several Cups Of Coffee

You Still Feel Worn Out And Your Mind Is Foggy

You Finally Realize Something Has To Be Done

Because Your Lack Of Sleep Is Affecting Everyone

You Remember Seeing A Company Called Breathe America That Treats Sleep Disorders

So You Decide To Call, Hoping They Will Be Able To Give You Some Answers

The Moment You Walk In You Feel This Is The Right Place

The Ladies At The Front Desk Welcome You With A Smile On Their Face

Surprisingly That Same Atmosphere Follows You To The Back

You Can Tell It Is Genuine And Not Just An Act

The Physician Was Knowledgeable And Seemed To Honestly Be Concerned About Your Health

Not Just About The Company’s Bottom Line And His Own Personal Wealth

I Checked Out Feeling Confident That My Sleep Issues Were Addressed

I Can’t Begin To Say How The Entire Staff Left Me Impressed

I Can’t Wait To Tell Others About My Experience At Breathe America

And As Far As I’m Concerned They Are The Best Sleep Clinic In Our Area