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Employer Wellness Initiatives are Improving Lives

Bill Pillsbury, Executive Director – BreatheAmerica El Paso A privilege that I have in my position at BreatheAmerica is the opportunity to get out into the community and see firsthand many good things. In El Paso we have some very forward thinking employers that are not only concerned for their employees well -being but are doing something about it. In the month of September we had the opportunity to participate in program presentations for the University of Texas El Paso (UTEP) and the Kemp Smith Law Firm. These two employers and others in our area are proactive in partnering with their employees in developing lifestyle changes and steps towards healthier living.

This is a big commitment for these employers to invest the resources and take the time to plan and have people away from their jobs for these workshops. The Kemp Smith Law Firm has even implemented incentives in their health plans for employees that take initiative for their health.Sierra Providence Health Network has set up a department, Worksite Wellness. This program lead by Joseph Bocanegra is focused on working with employers to develop work place wellness programs. The encouraging thing is that these initiatives are just a small sampling of what is going on in our region and beyond. I applaud the collaborative efforts of these employers stepping out and stepping up.

At BreatheAmerica we embrace work place wellness and are committed to its growth in our area. Our Medical Director, Dr. Todd Funkhouser and our other providers are available to come speak to your Company or Organization. If we can help, email or give us a call at any of our locations.