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Dr. Paul Tapia


Fall Allergy Season with BreatheAmerica Albuquerque

With all the rain Albuquerque has had this season, weed and pollen are sure to be a problem this year. Couple that with students returning to school, and if you don’t take the time to do a little allergy back to school preparation, your child could be sitting in class distracted, or worse, suffering from headaches, sneezing fits or more from common fall allergens. Juniper and cedar, as well as sage and grass pollen, are common until October, so if you know you or a family member is experiencing increased allergy, asthma, or sinus symptoms, please call our center at 883-2574.

Our BreatheAmerica centers are able to offer same-day appointments in most cases, so call today to make your appointment. We are able to screen for allergens, provide long-term allergy medication solutions, and update Asthma and Food action plans for your children in anticipation for the start of the school year. To have all this paperwork sent to your child’s school prior to the first date, call to make your appointment today.

What else should you keep in mind when sending your child back to school?

  • Does your child participate in an after school sport? If they suffer from allergies, make sure they have medication on hand, and use their short-acting inhaler 15 minutes before activity.
  • If your child has a more severe allergy, make sure your child’s school has a copy of their Anaphylaxis Action Plan and any medication they will need to alleviate symptoms.

To have all this paperwork sent to your child’s school prior to the first date, call to make your appointment today.

About the Author: Paul Tapia, MPAS, PA-C

Paul M. Tapia PA-C has been a Provider Associate with BreatheAmerica, Inc Albuquerque since 2010.  Paul Tapia was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  After high school, he received an appointment to the United States Air Force Academy where he graduated in 2002 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology.

After serving as a Captain in the United States Air Force for four years, he then decided to enter the medical field and graduated from the University of St. Francis in Albuquerque with a Masters in Physician Assistant Studies in 2010.  His special interests include complex Allergy and Immunology cases, and sees a diverse panel of patients from pediatrics through geriatrics.