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What is Your Favorite Gluten Free Recipe?

The days of boring gluten-and-allergy-free cooking are long gone!

As the number of people with food allergies grows—in addition to the growing number of people cutting gluten and other common allergy triggers out of their diets by choice— there are more recipes than ever for allergy sufferers!

Pinterest is great, but we want to build one place where our BreatheAmerica patients and families can find recipes tried-and-true by each other!

Do you have a favorite allergy-friendly recipe?

You can either type it out or send in photos of the recipe you use in the submission form below. If you have photos of the finished product, please do send those along as well!

Click HERE to start submitting!

Submit your recipes by DECEMBER 14th, so that we can put together a wonderful resource that you can use for the holidays!