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Finding an Allergy-Safe House

Finding a new family home is a lot of fun. Your kids run around pretending which rooms are theirs and you get to imagine yourself as the proud owner of a huge new kitchen—and here’s something else we want you to imagine while touring potential new homes: “Will this house help or hurt my or my families allergies?” Here are our tips for navigating that question.

Good Bones

Yes, you should always look for a home with a good foundation and solid structure, but what we’re talking about here is a home that has a great ventilation system and an up-to-date HVAC unit.

If you move into a home with an old, dusty ventilation system, then the air in your house will be a battle that you fight daily. Dust will build up before you finish dusting, no matter how often you change your filters. And your allergies—they’ll be worse inside your house than outside! If this sounds all too familiar to you, check out this blog post on deep cleaning to tackle indoor allergens.

Smoke, Mold, and Pets

Don’t be afraid to ask your realtor or the previous homeowners about their history with smoke, mold, and pets. Even if the smell is gone, it’s likely that there are residual consequences of living in a house that has spent years building up allergens from these substances in the carpets, walls, and ventilation system. If you’ve found yourself in a home with these allergy triggers, we have some helpful tips for battling them here and here.


Kitchen (cross-contamination), nearness to dangerous allergy plants/trees. If you have a family member with food allergies, it may be worth your while to look into a kosher kitchen! That way, your family member will know to avoid one side of the kitchen, where trigger foods may have been prepared. Even if that seems a little extreme for your budget, you can take a look at your potential new kitchen and see if it seems like one with enough space to effectively and safely avoid cross contaminants while cooking.

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