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Finding the right ENT for YOU

Not every Ear, Nose, and Throat physician is exactly alike. There are a wide range of specialties that each physician may choose, and the one that you decide to work with may not specialize in the kind of care your airway needs.

When we match our patients with a physician, we take these important elements into consideration. That way, we can be sure that our patients are getting the absolute best care available to them. We encourage you to make sure that you’re working with a physician that meets these crucial patient needs:

Experience in a wide range of specialties.

Otolaryngologists—more commonly referred to as Ear, Nose, and Throat physicians—are trained in both medical and surgical management of ear, nose, and throat disorders. Some are more experienced in sinus, some in allergies, and others in head and neck issues. At BreatheAmerica, we’re passionate about having physicians who have experience in all areas affected by the airway, so that they can look at your symptoms and pinpoint exactly where they might be coming from. We call this approach “One Airway, One Disease,” and it works wonders.

Deep experience in common ENT issues.

At BreatheAmerica, we specialize primarily in allergy, asthma, COPD, sinusitis and sleep treatment. When hiring care providers, it’s crucial that they have extensive experience in more than one of these areas, so that there’s always an expert on our team for whichever issue our patient is dealing with.

Relationships with other experienced, qualified physicians.

It’s also important to us that we hire only care providers—whether that be a physician, a physician’s assistant, or a nurse practitioner—who is deeply connected in the medical community surrounding our area of expertise. When they’re active in the community of medical knowledge, that shows us that they’re truly passionate about treating our patients with the wisest, most advanced treatment on the market.

Wondering if you’re working with a care provider who meets these needs? If you’re working with BreatheAmerica, you can bet on it. If not, we can’t be sure! Go ahead and give us a call so that you can start working with the best care providers in the business today.