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When are Frequent Sinus Headaches Serious?

Our simple answer?


Patients are often surprised to learn that their sinus headaches—as regular and predictable as they are—are actually NOT a fact of life. Here at BreatheAmerica, we know that frequent sinus headaches are really an indication that you’ve got a bigger airway problem at play.

Chronic Sinusitis

Constant congestion and frequent sinus headaches are most often indicators of chronic sinusitis.

If you’re a sufferer of these symptoms—including pounding headaches, debilitating fatigue, excruciating fever, unbearable congestion, and non-stop drainage—you’ve probably conditioned yourself to expect these symptoms at every season change, every cold and flu season, or even when you’re simply exhausted.


Chronic sinusitis is often exhausting in and of itself, creating a vicious cycle for sufferers.


If you know anything about BreatheAmerica, you know that we preach the gospel of One Airway, One Disease. That means that we approach every airway disorder with the entire airway in mind.


Because we know how interconnected this system is. While some of the connected disorders are surprising, the connection between asthma and sinusitis is not.

Both asthma and sinusitis are associated with airway obstruction.

With sinusitis, the obstruction starts in the nasal cavity (for a variety of reasons, examples of which can be found here). With asthma, airway passages that bring oxygen to the lungs become inflamed and thus obstruct airflow.

Though sinusitis impacts the upper respiratory system and asthma the lower, treatment of both areas in tandem has proven to be more effective than simply treating one section.


Nasal cavities also become blocked as a response to allergens that surround you. Frequent exposure to these allergens keep the nasal cavities blocked, and lead to infections and eventually that dreaded sinus headache.

When you come to BreatheAmerica for a consultation we take a look at your complete airway system and even ask you questions about your home and work environments, all in an effort to pin down exactly what’s causing inflammation and blockage in your specific case.

Then, we work with you to develop a custom treatment plan that, when followed, leads to permanent relief.


You can say goodbye to those constant sinus headaches FOREVER!

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