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Jamie Phillips, VP Marketing – BreatheAmerica

No Shortage of Activity

Whew! Do you ever come to the end of the day and find yourself collapsing in your office chair just to get a breather from all the hustle and bustle? I certainly have those days, and while we often perceive this as a negative phenomenon, it’s really not that at all. Think about all of the activity that we’re a part of each day, all of the things that we accomplish, and the influence we have on those around us in the process. There is certainly no shortage of activity in our lives, and that is certainly the case at our BreatheAmerica centers around the country. We’re on the move, and we’re busy with activities that are having a lasting impact on people’s lives for the better.

Each and every one of us is deeply invested in the health of individual patients in our centers as well as the individuals that make up the larger communities around us. These are our friends, our neighbors, and our family members. We care about them. We want them to live healthy, full, meaningful lives, and experience those lives to the fullest. The work that we do each day through BreatheAmerica centers around the country is changing the lives of our friends, improving wellness for our neighbors, and providing care for our families. These are activities that we all take pride in, knowing that we are making our communities better places, full of healthier, more fulfilled individuals.

What an amazing story that we have the privilege of telling, and not just us, but our patients too. Look at what some of our Facebook friends are saying about us:

“Excellent service and staff.”

“Best place for allergy sufferers in New Mexico hands down!”

“Love this place; excellent service. Kudos to the staff!”

“BreatheAmerica is the best place to go to be treated for allergies, flu & cold viruses, and pretty much any and every concern or illness you get. Thank God for BreatheAmerica!!”

“Great staff!”

Clearly, all of that activity pays off. There’s no greater privilege than being able to work hard at something that we love. There will always be plenty of activity, but the proof of our value is evident in the responses from our patients.