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tree branches with bloomed flowers


I Love Spring

Ashley Gudgel, Executive Director – BreatheAmerica Albuquerque I love spring.  The baby bunnies, baby birds and my honey bees are all out and about, and so are the beautiful flowering trees. That also means that it’s the sneeziest season of all here in New Mexico with spring winds blowing all that pollen and dust about.

Trees, grasses and weeds are the top culprits causing spring allergies because their tiny pollen grains are airborne in our winds.  Remember, exposing yourself to the things you are allergic to just makes your symptoms worse.  Untreated allergies will make you miserable, and will lead to sinus problems, sleep interruption, and missed work or school days.  Allergies can also trigger asthma.  There is a 1 in 3 chance that if one of your parents has allergies, you will too.  Relocating doesn’t always help, and may not be a realistic option. In fact, you may find a new allergen that you react to in your new location.

Simply closing your car and house windows may help, but it takes a bit of detective work to really rein in allergies. Remember, not all allergens lurk outdoors. Allergens brought indoors by a pet that’s been outside, can also cause congestion, mouth breathing and poor sleep. At BreatheAmerica we want to provide you with effective treatments that can help you get relief and breathe easier so that you can enjoy this spring like never before.