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Keeping Patients Comfortable & Satisfied

Crystal Williams, MA BreatheAmerica El Paso  Five months ago I was rewarded with the great opportunity to work for Breathe America El Paso. I have been well trained, taught professionalism and great work ethic. Working at BreatheAmerica has been a great learning experience for me.  I enjoy coming to work each day knowing I will be working hands on with our wonderful patients. One of the greatest things about working at BreatheAmerica is that we educate our patients and make sure they are completely satisfied with their visit to our center.

Our staff goes above and beyond patient expectations, striving to make our patients feel welcomed. Some of my favorite duties as a medical assistant include taking each patient’s vitals, administering allergy injections, and carefully administering skin testing to all age groups. Since we also provide care for children it can be scary, but we make sure we put those children at ease and make sure they are comfortable. Many people suffer from allergies or asthma, but knowing that we have specially designed plans to help each and every patient get better is the BEST part of my job!