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The Key to Peace of Mind AND Increased Efficiency

You’ve heard about the “meal prep” trend, and – let us tell you – it’s a trend because it WORKS!

People who dedicate one day of the week to preparing meals for the rest of their week report that they’ve lost weight, saved money, increased their energy, and become more productive at work! This is because having your meals already planned out keeps you from making mealtime decisions that aren’t the best for you and that take up more time during your day than you can afford.

Think about it: any time you plan ahead, the decisions you plan to make are always better than the ones you’d make in the moment. This rule absolutely applies to the food you choose to fuel your body!

And for food allergy sufferers, preparing meals ahead of time can eliminate the worry that you face at every mealtime. You don’t have to think about whether the restaurant you’re going to has allergy-friendly options because you’ve already got a lunch waiting for you!

If you’re a parent of children with food allergies, you’ve probably already grown accustomed to menu planning for the week ahead. By committing to meal prep, you’re incorporating one more step in advance, so that you can save yourself even more time during busy week days.

Don’t know where to start? Here are a few pointers from those of us at BreatheAmerica that are loving how meal prep has changed our lives:

  • Buy yourself plenty of containers, like these options from Amazon. You’ll be thankful for compartments, AND they stack really nicely in the fridge.
  • Get creative to save time! We love tips like these, for how to maximize your time and ingredients on cooking day.
  • Always prepare some basics. This will allow you to be a little flexible some days of the week (if you’re not committed to a no-cheat plan!).

If you’re reading this because you suspect that you’ve got a food allergy, there’s only one way to know for sure! Come in for a consultation, and BreatheAmerica can give you the expert advice you need to start making the healthiest choices for your body!