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Living With a Cat AND Cat Allergies

In our clinics, we see patients every day that are debilitated by their severe animal allergies. These allergies are no joke!

That’s why people are amazed to hear that there actually are solutions for living with cats despite having serious allergic reactions to them in the past.

Hypoallergenic Cats

This is the obvious solution, but stay tuned because it’s not the ONLY solution! We included this idea on our list because people are often surprised to find out that hairless cats like this one aren’t the only option for hypoallergenic cats.

The Ballnese-Javanese and the Siberian cat breeds are actually hypoallergenic—despite their fluffy coats—because the enzyme levels in their saliva are lower than levels found in other cat breeds. Because of this, people with cat allergies are usually able to snuggle freely with their Siberian and Ballnese cats!

Frequent Baths

We know…cats and bath time usually don’t mix. It is possible, however, to bathe your cat with minimal stress! If the idea of even attempting this makes your nose tingle, we recommend letting your groomer or veterinarian bathe your cat as frequently as they see fit.

Want to try to do it yourself?

Here are some pointers for what not to do.

Wash Toys and Bedding

Cutting down on loose hair shed around your house will go a long way in combatting the airborne dander that your cat creates. You should throw your cat’s bed in the hottest cycle your washing machine allows at least once every two weeks. For cleaning toys, here’s a great list of how to clean different kinds of pet toys!

And, yes, you should wash YOUR sheets and blankets as often as possible, too. Even if your cat is an anomaly cat that never likes to snuggle in its owner’s bed (which, let’s face it, every cat likes to snuggle in their owner’s bed), your bed is still collecting hair and dander.

Here are some great tips for getting pet hair out of even the toughest fabrics.

Have a proactive allergy treatment plan

We’re not just saying this because it’s our bread and butter. We’re saying this because many of our patients at BreatheAmerica are proud cat owners after a life of assuming their allergies would never allow them to be. Take note, though, that temporary allergy fixes won’t help your long-term cat allergy symptoms.

Our comprehensive treatment plans work to strengthen over time so that you experience symptoms less and less frequently than you ever thought was possible.

Ready to stop letting your allergens change the way you live your life? Go ahead schedule a BreatheAmerica appointment today so that we can start customizing your personal treatment plan.