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How To: Make ANY Dog Allergy-Friendly

Do you have pet allergies? Have you been told that you’ll only ever be able to have a hypo-allergenic pet? Well, we have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that no pet is truly allergy-free. Even pets that shed very little can bring dust, dander, and pollen into your home, which are just as likely to trigger your allergies. The good news is that there are ways to make any dog allergy-friendly! Yep—even those lovable but hyper-shedding Golden Retrievers.

Here’s how:

Frequent Grooming

Whether your pet is a major shedder or sheds very little, it’s imperative that you frequently wash and brush them. Why? Because every your dog goes outside, plays with other dogs, or even just wallows in the parts unknown of your house, they bring back dust, dirt, pollen, and and allergens that may be even more triggering to you than pet dander. Keeping their coat fresh lessens the risk of them spreading those allergens all over your house.

If you do have a shedding dog on your hands, it’s really important that you brush them regularly. Regular slicker brushes can be used daily and de-shedding brushes like this one can be used weekly. We also highly recommend natural deodorizing sprays like this to keep them smelling fresh!

Adequate Training

If you have anyone in your family that struggles with dog allergies, you should train your dog not to get on couches or beds, and even consider training them not to go in certain areas of your home. This way, you can confine potential allergens to limited areas. Tools like the “ScatMat” are helpful in carrying out this training. It delivers a safe but uncomfortable shock whenever a pet touches it, which trains them to stay away.

You should also train your dog not to jump on or lick houseguests, as you never know what kind reaction they may have to your pet. Yes, you can train an old dog new tricks, but implementing these training strategies from puppyhood will be much easier!

Frequent Deep Cleaning

Battling pet hair and dander is no worse than battling the other allergens that fill our homes. The only difference is that shedding dogs often shed hair faster than dust builds up! This means you have to be vigilant in the way you tackle pet hair. Consider getting a robot-vacuum or vacuum made especially for pet hair since you’ll need to vacuum nearly every day.

We should also note that some allergy-sufferers simply cannot tolerate pet dander, no matter how hard you work to keep it at bay. If you have concerns, never hesitate to call us at BreatheAmerica so that we can set up your personal consultation.