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Manage Your Asthma From Your Smartphone

Have you ever considered using your smartphone to help you manage your asthma? Maybe you didn’t even know this was a possibility! Not to replace a scheduled visit with your allergist, an asthma app is a great tool to help you do things like tracking, scheduling, data analysis and communications. This can not only help you manage your symptoms day-to-day, but can also give your doctor well documented information about your asthma. Asthma patients are often asked to maintain a journal of triggers documenting where and when the patient suffered symptoms, but carrying around a journal is inconvenient. Most apps have a built-in journal feature, allowing the patient to easily track episodes, triggers, and even your peak flow meter readings. Some will also display the patient’s journal information as charts and graphs to make it easy for your doctor to see your symptom history at a glance, and help spot patterns.

What Can Asthma Apps Do?

Most asthma apps have general information about asthma, symptoms, common medications, tips, and how to properly use your inhaler; the last of those, a guide to using your inhaler, is especially found in apps directed towards children as an interactive game. Other asthma apps can track pollen counts, air quality, weather conditions, and match those environmental factors to your recorded symptoms, helping you identify what may cause symptoms in your area. Reminders and alerts are a basic smartphone function, so most apps will also let you scheduled reminders to take your scheduled medication(s) or if it is time for treatment.

The Lung Association is another great choice for asthma patients, and currently the #1 asthma app available. If you have asthma, use your smartphone as another tool to help you manage your asthma and follow your asthma treatment plan. With that in mind, always remember you should never change or stop your asthma medication(s) or alter your treatment plan without first consulting your allergist.