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Maximize Spring Cleaning by Targeting the WORST Allergen Offenders

Do you have a spring cleaning routine? Baseboards, ceiling fans, blinds, closet and pantry organization—the works?

This year, you should amp up your routine by targeting the areas of your home that you may not even know are causing your allergy and asthma symptoms.

Tackle these areas first:

Dust Traps

You’d be surprised at all the dust that collects in your bedroom. Start there, as it’s the place where your body refuels for long days of fighting allergens. We love these tips, which include frequent laundering of sheets as well as a little room reorganization to minimize dust collection!

Rearranging furniture is a great idea for every room in your house when you’re spring cleaning, because it presents an opportunity to thoroughly vacuum beneath furniture that has been hiding dust all winter long.

You’d also be wise to go ahead and change out your air filters, so that your newly cleaned home won’t have dusty air immediately blowing through it.

PRO TIP: Always work from top to bottom, cleaning the uppermost dusty surfaces first, then working towards the lower surfaces last. Additionally, you should save vacuuming until very last—you’ll be spreading dust all over the room as you clean, so vacuuming last will keep you from having to vacuum multiple times!

Mold Traps

You may be horrified to see what’s been growing behind your refrigerator. Unplug and pull it away from the wall, wipe down any traces of mold, and check for a source of moisture (leaky ice trays are usually the cause of behind-the-fridge mold!).

And have you checked around your trash can? The smell that emanates from the trash might not be last night’s dinner scraps—you may have mold growing between the bag and the actual can! To be sure, take your trash can outside, hose it off, then give it a deep disinfecting.

Keep things fresh until the next deep clean.

Don’t wait until things get stinky to purge your fridge and take out the trash. Taking out the trash daily and tossing expired items from your refrigerator as soon as possible will prevent the buildup of mold. You should also keep tabs on moisture leaks in your refrigerator to prevent excessive mold growth.

Remember, your exhaust fans are there for a reason! They prevent smoke and steam buildup when cooking and moisture buildup while taking baths or showers. Making a habit of turning these fans on (when they’re useful) will keep your home fresh over time.

A creative way to stay fresh throughout the spring is to decorate with an air-cleaning houseplant! Yes—those exist! And, even better, there’s an air-cleaning houseplant for almost every kind of indoor allergen.

Feeling the effects of poor air quality?

You may be experiencing symptoms of asthma or severe allergies. At BreatheAmerica, we specialize in creating personalized treatment plans that cater to your symptoms and your lifestyle. Schedule your consultation today!