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Perks of the Job

From the Front Lines

Laura, Front Office Lead – BreatheAmerica Columbus

Being at BreatheAmerica has many perks: great coworkers, a fancy desk for me to sit behind, and an endless supply of satisfying filtered water.  Wait, I left out our patients; our patients are spectacular!  It is very rewarding to be a part of a place where people walk in and greet me with a look that says, “I’m miserable, I hope Dr. Pongonis can help,” and leave with a look that says, “This was a wonderful experience and I have a great treatment plan in place.”

That isn’t the only perk of being at the front desk though.   I get to be the person who hands out stickers and lollipops (and who isn’t happy to be offered a lollipop?).  But the best part is that I get to speak with every single patient on the phone and in person.  It is always nice putting a face with a voice.  I like knowing that I am the first part of their patient experience, and always try to make it the best!

Allergies, asthma, and sinusitis don’t discriminate against who they affect: the young, the “we think we are grown up,” and the young in spirit can all suffer from airway disease.  Dr. Pongonis is eager to treat his patients and help them start feeling better. I know that his compassion for his patients is always genuine. What isn’t there to love about that?!