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Physical & Emotional Health

Jennifer Jones, LPN BreatheAmerica Shreveport I started working at BreatheAmerica in July 2012, and we have seen several improvements during that time. The corporate culture is extremely positive and I’ve enjoyed seeing leadership that is focused on integrity, respect, passion and excellence.

At BreatheAmerica I work primarily with the pulmonologist and pulmonary patientsPulmonary patients are typically very ill physically which often causes them to suffer emotionally as well. It is so nice to work with doctors that truly care about their patients. Not only are they thorough medically but they also show concern and compassion for what their patients go through emotionally when they have pulmonary diseases.

I have been a nurse for 18 years and have previously worked in other clinics, hospitals, home health and hospice but I can honestly say that I have never worked with any other doctors that I respect and admire more than Dr. Payne, Dr. Holladay, Dr. Wellikoff and Dr. Walter.