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Reclaim Spring from Seasonal Allergies

Spring is in bloom, but for those with seasonal allergies, it feels more like a beauty to behold from behind glass because of all the pollen in the air. At BreatheAmerica, we don’t want you to feel trapped inside this spring! Let us show you how to reclaim spring from allergies and enjoy this glorious season!

April (nasal) showers

Even Oprah swears by them! A review in the American Family Physician journal found that both saline nasal spray and salty liquid poured, from a neti pot device, in one nostril and out the other reduce inflammation and help the nose to resist irritation. Using saline solutions in addition to your antihistamine can greatly improve your symptoms over just an antihistamine alone.

Take stock of your garden

Whether you’re proud of your green thumb, or you enjoy the plants nature has provided you, your worst hay fever foe could be planted right outside your window! Inventory your plants (and weeds) and compare them online to major pollen producers. If you can’t identify a plant on your own, take a clipping to a nursery to help identify it. Replace offenders with allergy-friendly flowering plants like peonies, hydrangea, foxglove and poppies!

Get a hold on mold!

Spring is the predecessor to summer and its hot, humid weather. Decrease your spring allergy suffering and properly prepare for the fog of summer by adding a dehumidifier to your heating and cooling system, or by a standalone unit for your allergy-triggering mold. If you do find mold, rather than dousing it with lung-irritating bleach, try a cleaner free of harsh chemicals first, or contact your local HVAC dealer for help. For more information on ways to control and reduce mold (and the moisture that causes mold) in your home, check out this guide from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Mow your lawn the right way

To minimize allergy aggravation, keep grass short (and not pollinating) by cutting it frequently. Instead of mulching the clippings, allowing the miniscule clippings to sink back into your lawn, bag the grass clippings to remove the chance of the irritant becoming airborne as you walk through your yard. Furthermore, those with grass allergies might consider improving their breathing this spring by leaving the lawn-mowing to someone else.

Not feeling relief? Come and see us!

At BreatheAmerica, it’s our mission to keep you breathing easy! If your allergy symptoms are impacting your ability to enjoy the spring season, it’s time for a proper allergy management plan. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!