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The Secret to Effective Treatment

It’s no secret that our patients get amazing, life-changing results. Sure, those results are in large part due to the extremely talented groups of care providers that fill our teams in Louisiana and New Mexico. But, even more critical than their medical expertise is our care providers’ relationships with their patients.

You see, our treatment plans aren’t like treatment plans you’ve probably seen from other allergy, asthma, sinus, or ENT clinics. If you go into a traditional clinic with asthma symptoms, you will probably come away with asthma medication. When you come to BreatheAmerica, we may discover that your asthma symptoms are actually a byproduct of an allergic reaction you’re having!

How do we come to these diagnoses?

We simply take a patient’s entire life into account.

What do they do with their time?

What are their living conditions like?

What does their diet look like?

What’s their level of activity?

From there, we’re able to look at their entire airway health and pinpoint the exact cause of their symptoms then create a fully customized treatment plan that, if followed, delivers permanent solutions.

From the first consultation to our treatment plan checkups, our care providers form real relationships with their patients. We listen to the details of their day, hear how their symptoms are impacting their lives, and work to find lasting solutions that truly change their lives.

Though we’re always, always happy to see a patient healed, it’s often a sad day when one of our patients completes their last day of treatment! We come to know each and every patient—child or adult—as a friend.

Are you ready to get on a path to lifelong healing with a care provider that truly cares about you? Give us a call to schedule your personal consultation today. You’ll be so glad you did.