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Am I Showing Signs of Sleep Apnea?

Because of our reputation for finding success with patients struggling to get a good night’s rest, we see a lot of cases of sleep apnea. We also see a lot of cases that, after one of our sleep studies, we discover to be a sleep disorder entirely different than the patient’s expected sleep apnea. Here’s what we most commonly see:


This sleep disorder is the most common, and has a wide range of causes. It is often a side effect of other disorders or conditions, like depression, physical pain, stress, or even asthma and allergies. When untreated, chronic insomnia can have some terrible and lasting effects.

Some patients will come in only to address their inability to fall and stay asleep, and our tests find that their insomnia is actually a result of one of the other disorders listed below OR a result of a condition that should be treated by a primary physician or a therapist.

Restless Leg Syndrome

Another sleep disorder closely associated with insomnia, RLS keeps its sufferers active at night, keeping them away from a sufficient night’s sleep. Patients will come to BreatheAmerica struggling with poor sleep, not ever realizing that the feelings in their legs that keep them up at night are actually a disorder—a disorder that is often a contributor to depression and an imitator of ADHD.

When our sleep studies find this RLS to be the root cause of a restless night, we can prescribe a personalized solution that should calm the tension in your legs down and get you on the path towards a better night’s sleep. The solution may be medicine, it may be a nutrition change, or it could even be a recommendation for a lifestyle change.


Unique in the fact that is a neurological sleep disorder, Narcolepsy is one of the rarest sleep disorders we encounter at our clinics. It is often a hereditary disorder, as it’s linked to a number of genetic abnormalities.

Insufficient Sleep Syndrome

Sometimes, our patients are struggling to feel rested because they simply are not allowing themselves enough rest. When Insufficient Sleep Syndrome is the cause of their restless nights, we find during sleep tests that there are no other disorders contributing to the patient’s lack of sleep. These cases are dangerous, because they result in sleep deprivation, side effects of which include but are not limited to:

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Finally, the sleep disorder that we most commonly treat, is characterized by disruptive snoring, snorting, and gasping throughout the night. Patients with Sleep Apnea often cite that they’re even more exhausted after a night of sleep than they were before going to bed! With most cases, we find that positive airway pressure therapy is the most effective solution. Sure, it’s a little strange to sleep with a machine on your nose, but after just a night or two, we find that our patients (and their partners!) become quite attached to these magic sleeping machines!

Do any of these disorders sound like you?

It’s time to take action. The longer you wait, the more you’ll suffer from insufficient sleep and experience the negative, dangerous side effects of that in your daily life. This quiz can help you get a clue as to what sleep disorder you may have, and this one is specifically for pinpointing Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Schedule your consultation today, so that we can get you in for a sleep study ASAP. We want to transform your life, starting with your sleep!