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Summer: With and Without Allergies

Many of us at BreatheAmerica experienced summers as allergy and asthma-sufferers, and since seeking treatment at our amazing clinics, we’re now able to enjoy summer with uninhibited freedom to experience the great outdoors!

Here’s what we’ve learned:

Summer Camp: With Allergies

Summer camps, with their beautiful trees and green, gooey lakes, are a breeding ground for itchy eyes, constant sneezing, and even the threat of food allergy reactions (here’s a great list of questions to ask a potential camp about food allergies!). While a few of us admit to using our allergies as a cover-up for our homesick tears, we all agree that they mainly kept us in the craft barn.

Summer Camp: Without Allergies

Now, when we’re in environments that our younger selves would have despised, we take a moment to appreciate the views, actually jump in that lake, and freely participate in the smoky fireside storytelling. The craft barn is still a favorite place to hang out, but with the proper medication and tactics for avoiding allergens, allergy-free campers have the option to participate in any and every event they want! 

The Beach: With Allergies

Raise your hand if you hate the beach!

We know, we know—everyone loves the beach! But we find with our patients that their experience with saltwater in their already constantly-irritated nasal passageways has contributed to a disdain for America’s favorite vacation spot. Having a bit of control over your histamine reactions can also help with a few other strange allergic reactions that happen at the beach!

The Beach: Without Allergies

It’s amazing how different the beach is for people whose sinuses and allergies have been treated. Getting in the water is no longer a hassle, they can really breathe in the ocean air and savor the smells that everyone else has always loved about the beach. Their “surfer’s sinusitis” has cleared, which not only impacts their time at the beach but their ability to breathe better when they leave the beach!

Summer Sports: With Allergies

The combination of dehydration and summer heat only work to further exacerbate our seasonal allergies and asthma symptoms. Add that to the extra sunshine encouraging adult sports leagues, longer sports practice for students, and opportunities for family outings to games, and we see a major increase in the likelihood that allergy and asthma sufferers will experience irritation in the summer months.

Summer Sports: Without Allergies

Patients who have sought personal treatment plans for their allergy and asthma symptoms know how to prepare themselves for a hot summer day full of running around or sitting in the sun! With the perfect combination of symptom-fighting nutrition and medication, our patients are enjoying summer activities with a renewed perspective!

Ready to embrace summer?

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