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The Surprising Sinus Solution That Will Change Your Life

Our surprise solution? Your shower!

You’re (hopefully) already using it every day. And you probably also know to use your shower’s steam to your advantage when you’re suffering from a sinus headache or stuffy head, but did you know that there are some creative liberties you can take with your shower time to REALLY maximize its sinus-healing abilities?

  1. Tie eucalyptus to the shower head. Nope, not kidding! While it may feel strange at first to bring a plant into the shower, you’ll soon find that the aroma released by the eucalyptus leaves when they’re steam-activated will open your sinuses, relieve stress, and ease the tension built up in your head.
  2. Incorporate essential oils into your shower routine. If you find it difficult to keep a fresh bouquet of eucalyptus branches hanging in your shower, maybe you should invest in some of the essential oils, including eucalyptus, that have been proven to reduce the symptoms of allergies, asthma, and sinus congestion.
  3. Make your own sinus-and-allergy-relieving shower steamers. Whip these concoctions up in your own kitchen, in just a matter of minutes. Store them, and put them in your shower when your sinuses and allergies are causing discomfort. The aroma that’s left when the shower releases the active ingredients in the stamers will make you feel like you’re in sinus heaven! Here are a few of our favorite shower steamer recipes:
  4. Soak a little longer in a steamy, hot bath. While the shower steamers are optimal because of the excess of steam produced by a shower, there’s nothing wrong with a little soak in the bath tub—especially when you’re feeling congested! Here are some of our favorite recipes for allergy and sinus-fighting bath bombs:

Try some of these solutions out, and let us know how they work for you! Of course, these remedies are only able to temporarily relieve sinus pain. If you want permanent relief, you should schedule a BreatheAmerica appointment today so that we can start customizing your personal treatment plan.