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“Action Plan” Posts

Collected here are a number of posts related to allergy, asthma or sinus treatment programs or action plans for care.

President & CEO, Michael G. Skiera

The BreatheAmerica Healthcare Delivery Model

Why do we feel strongly about the BreatheAmerica healthcare delivery model? It is widely known that healthcare delivery is shifting as people seek out more convenient, coordinated services in many facets of their lives. A review of some recent healthcare data finds that more than 50 percent of Americans don’t have a primary care relationship. […]

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Dr. Paul Tapia

Fall Allergy Season with BreatheAmerica Albuquerque

With all the rain Albuquerque has had this season, weed and pollen are sure to be a problem this year. Couple that with students returning to school, and if you don’t take the time to do a little allergy back to school preparation, your child could be sitting in class distracted, or worse, suffering from […]

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woman sneezing in a field of flowers

LIVING with Asthma – Action Plan

Ashley Gudgel, Executive Director – BreatheAmerica Albuquerque LIVING with Asthma Asthma is a lung disease that makes breathing difficult for millions of young and old Americans. Asthma is more common in women than men. 50% of women with asthma have experienced an asthma attack in the past year Women suffer from asthma attacks more often […]

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