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“Allergies” Posts

Sneezing, runny nose or itchy, watery eyes? Your body is at war. According to the ACAAI, “allergies are the 6th leading cause of chronic illness in the U.S. with an annual cost in excess of $18 billion. More than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies each year.” It doesn’t end there, many asthmatics are chronic allergy sufferers as well; the link results in asthmatic episodes due to allergies and impacts sinus function.

a woman suffering from sinus issues

When are Frequent Sinus Headaches Serious?

Our simple answer? Always. Patients are often surprised to learn that their sinus headaches—as regular and predictable as they are—are actually NOT a fact of life. Here at BreatheAmerica, we know that frequent sinus headaches are really an indication that you’ve got a bigger airway problem at play. Chronic Sinusitis Constant congestion and frequent sinus […]

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a woman taking her daughter to a physician

The Secret to Effective Treatment

It’s no secret that our patients get amazing, life-changing results. Sure, those results are in large part due to the extremely talented groups of care providers that fill our teams in Louisiana and New Mexico. But, even more critical than their medical expertise is our care providers’ relationships with their patients. You see, our treatment […]

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Deep Cleaning: For Allergies

Especially during the freezing winter months and the brutally hot summer months, we spend almost all day indoors. While the indoors seem like a safe place from allergy threats, indoor allergens can be even more harmful than the ones we face outside! That’s why keeping a clean home is often include frequent home cleaning as […]

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Allergy Risks for Vacationers

Getting out of the house for a vacation can be dangerous—especially for those who have severe allergies.   Allergy-sufferers and loved ones of allergy sufferers alike know how tough it is to create a life that is free of attack triggers. If you’ve got a child with a peanut allergy, you probably don’t keep many […]

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a woman coughing into a handkerchief

How To: Alleviate Spring Allergies

Any allergist will tell you: When it comes to seasonal allergies, prevention is KEY! Of course, taking medication after an attack strikes will help alleviate symptoms, but treatment is much more effective when you’ve taken those meds before the sneezing and itching begins. So, in addition to our recommendation of finding a customized, year-round solution […]

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a man holding a batch of roses

The BEST Valentine’s Flowers for Allergies

Let’s start with the good news: Roses Roses are always a safe bet, even for allergy-sufferers.    But we know that, even though roses are the classic Valentine’s gift, many people enjoy having more colorful, unique bouquets for their love. For those of you, we’ve made a list of the very best flowers to choose […]

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a chart showing affects of pollen

Are you checking your local allergy advisories?

You know those days when you get to work or school or to the gym and everybody is complaining about waking up with itchy eyes, stuffy noses, and headaches? Those are the days that your weather forecaster probably warned you about the day before! If you’re not paying attention to the allergy and pollen forecasts […]

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a woman sneezing at her desk

Combatting Dorm Room Sniffles

It happens every year—college freshmen go to college looking for a life of spontaneity and freedom, only to find themselves beholden to the campus infirmary for frequent colds, chronic sinus pain, and congestion. It’s just a byproduct of living in close quarters with thousands of other students and in tiny rooms that collect dust. The […]

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a woman playing with her cat

Living With a Cat AND Cat Allergies

In our clinics, we see patients every day that are debilitated by their severe animal allergies. These allergies are no joke! That’s why people are amazed to hear that there actually are solutions for living with cats despite having serious allergic reactions to them in the past. Hypoallergenic Cats This is the obvious solution, but […]

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a woman treating sinus issues

The Surprising Sinus Solution That Will Change Your Life

Our surprise solution? Your shower! You’re (hopefully) already using it every day. And you probably also know to use your shower’s steam to your advantage when you’re suffering from a sinus headache or stuffy head, but did you know that there are some creative liberties you can take with your shower time to REALLY maximize […]

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