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“Celiac Disease” Posts

Food sensitivity falls into the allergy realm and can create a dangerous situation known as anaphylaxis. Celiac Disease is a condition related to an immune reaction to gluten. Learn more about it in these post and articles.

a loaf of bread

Food Sensitivity Spotlight: Celiac Disease

Gluten-free diets are everywhere, and there is a very good chance someone in your life has recently cut wheat and gluten from their diet. Wheat and gluten are particularly vilified in the CrossFit or Paleo community, but does wheat deserve the poor treatment it so readily receives? This blog post hopes to discuss who should […]

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a family gathered in a kitchen

Food Allergies and Where to Find Them

Egg-free baking, nut-free schools and gluten-free everything! Just like kale and quinoa are “in” these days, things like wheat and peanuts are “out”, and for good reason. They make up two common allergens and intolerances in adults, but do your really know the difference between a food allergy, intolerance, or sensitivity? Consider this your official […]

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