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“Congestion” Posts

Are you suffering from regular and frequent congestion? There may be light at the end of the tunnel. Find out how in these informative articles.

tree branches with bloomed flowers

I Love Spring

Ashley Gudgel, Executive Director – BreatheAmerica Albuquerque I love spring.  The baby bunnies, baby birds and my honey bees are all out and about, and so are the beautiful flowering trees. That also means that it’s the sneeziest season of all here in New Mexico with spring winds blowing all that pollen and dust about. Trees, […]

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a large cottonwood tree

Do Not Wait Until the Fluff Flies…Cottonwoods

Bethany K. McClean, MPH, AE-C – BreatheAmerica Albuquerque  Ah the fluffy little puffballs of late spring that leave children and adults alike enchanted. They also leave those who suffer from pollen allergies running for the nearest door.  Before you stampede in attempts to minimize exposure, you should know that if you’re trying to avoid the […]

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