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a man sneezing into a tissue

How to Tackle Fall Allergies

In the fall, we’re surrounded by dry air, high pollen counts, and an even healthier-than-usual presence of mold. We also shift our schedules to staying inside more—exposing ourselves to the dust collections hiding all around the house. The secret to enjoying fall despite these ever-present triggers? Know how to protect yourself against them. Pollen Counts […]

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a woman sneezing at her desk

Combatting Dorm Room Sniffles

It happens every year—college freshmen go to college looking for a life of spontaneity and freedom, only to find themselves beholden to the campus infirmary for frequent colds, chronic sinus pain, and congestion. It’s just a byproduct of living in close quarters with thousands of other students and in tiny rooms that collect dust. The […]

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