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“Pet-Related Allergies” Posts

Is your sneezing, wheezing, and itchy eyes pollen-related or pooch-related?! Pet-related allergies are common and related to the animal’s skin or hair. As with most allergy responses, your body’s immune response “overreacts” to the presence of the animal’s dander.

How To: Make ANY Dog Allergy-Friendly

Do you have pet allergies? Have you been told that you’ll only ever be able to have a hypo-allergenic pet? Well, we have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that no pet is truly allergy-free. Even pets that shed very little can bring dust, dander, and pollen into your home, […]

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Deep Cleaning: For Allergies

Especially during the freezing winter months and the brutally hot summer months, we spend almost all day indoors. While the indoors seem like a safe place from allergy threats, indoor allergens can be even more harmful than the ones we face outside! That’s why keeping a clean home is often include frequent home cleaning as […]

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Ill woman with the flu blowing her nose

Winter Worries: Allergies or Cold?

Want to take a quick quiz? You are a doctor seeing a patient who complains of coughing, runny nose, sneezing, and itchy or watery eyes. Do you diagnose cold, flu, or allergies? One billion people suffer from colds each year, and more than 50 million Americans suffer from environmental allergies, so if you determined you […]

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Breathe Easier with HEPA Filters

By Ashley Gudgel, Executive Director of BreatheAmerica Albuquerque Most people take care to avoid outdoor air pollutants, but thinking your home is an oasis of clean air is a mistake. We’re not saying this to scare you, but to bring to your attention that indoor air quality is something that requires your attention and efforts […]

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young boy holding a gray cat

Clinical Trial of an Experimental Drug for Cat Allergies

This is an offer for cat lovers with swollen eyes and sneezing fits. Nashville-based BreatheAmerica is seeking participants for a clinical trial of an experimental drug for cat allergies. It’s a monthly immunotherapy treatment, called Cat-PAD, that involves injecting a liquid under the top layer of the cat owner’s skin, where the substance dissolves. The clinical […]

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Love your cat, but hate your allergy?

Love your cat, but hate your allergy? For people with allergies, the special pet-owner relationship is complicated by the irritating symptoms owners often endure. For people who don’t find sufficient relief, or are burdened by existing treatment options, some ultimately make the emotionally painful decision to give up their cats, depriving themselves and family of […]

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A Breakthrough Study On Cat Allergies being conducted in ABQ

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. —A breakthrough study on cat allergies is being conducted in Albuquerque. The clinic’s goal is to help those who love cats, but have allergies, to live comfortably with their pets. “If the person is extremely sensitive then the message gets sent through the blood stream into the chest and you start having asthmatic […]

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Pet Allergies No Deterrent for Determined Owners

When Jennifer Richter learned that her 2-year-old daughter was allergic to Jack, the family cat, there was only one option. Her daughter got a prescription for daily doses of eye drops and the allergy medicine Zyrtec. “No way I was getting rid of that cat,” says Ms. Richter, of Colorado Springs, Colo. When a fish […]

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