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“Pollen” Posts

Content focused on the main enemy of immune systems across the world, pollen. We all have a love hate with nature, but pollen is mainly all hate.

How To Tell If You Have Chronic Sinusitis

We’re in the business of getting to the root of your breathing trouble—we’ve seen everything under the sun! Here are a few warning signs that your sickness is pointing to a case of chronic sinusitis.

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Common Allergy Triggers: Tree Pollen

Many people don’t realize that their “hay fever” may actually come only from a specific kind of pollen! Among the most common hay fever offenders are many types of trees—birch, maple, elm, mulberry, pecan, oak, and even Arizona cypress to name a few. So, what can you do to make sure you’re not exposing yourself […]

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a man sneezing into a tissue

How to Tackle Fall Allergies

In the fall, we’re surrounded by dry air, high pollen counts, and an even healthier-than-usual presence of mold. We also shift our schedules to staying inside more—exposing ourselves to the dust collections hiding all around the house. The secret to enjoying fall despite these ever-present triggers? Know how to protect yourself against them. Pollen Counts […]

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a vacuum cleaning a mess

Maximize Spring Cleaning by Targeting the WORST Allergen Offenders

Do you have a spring cleaning routine? Baseboards, ceiling fans, blinds, closet and pantry organization—the works? This year, you should amp up your routine by targeting the areas of your home that you may not even know are causing your allergy and asthma symptoms. Tackle these areas first: Dust Traps You’d be surprised at all […]

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BreatheAmerica on ABC7 at Noon with Denise Olivas

BreatheAmerica on ABC7 at Noon with Denise Olivas (#BreatheBetter)

In the clip below, you’ll get the chance to watch Medical Director, Dr. Casillas and Nurse Practitioner, Nicole Davis share details and information on how BreatheAmerica is serving El Paso and how you can be more aware of your allergy symptoms to #BreatheBetter on ABC-7 at Noon with Denise Olivas. If you’ve had questions on […]

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Sneezing due to allergies or the cold?

Surprising Allergy Triggers

If you suffer from fall allergies, you probably have a list of places that you know to avoid for a little while, unless you’ve made sure to bring your inhaler or allergy medicine, but what about trigger places that may not be on your list? Here are some surprising places where fall allergy triggers hide […]

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Dr. Paul Tapia

Fall Allergy Season with BreatheAmerica Albuquerque

With all the rain Albuquerque has had this season, weed and pollen are sure to be a problem this year. Couple that with students returning to school, and if you don’t take the time to do a little allergy back to school preparation, your child could be sitting in class distracted, or worse, suffering from […]

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woman sneezing in a field of flowers

Meet Ragwitek

Peter B. Boggs, MD – BreatheAmerica Shreveport RAGWEITEK SOMETHING NEW FOR THE 4.5 MILLION RAGWEED ALLERGY SUFFERERS! …IT IS HERE AND READY FOR USE NOW! WHAT IS RAGWITEK? MEET RAGWITEK! The first FDA approved tablet (YES, TABLET!) for immunotherapy for adult short-ragweed pollen sufferers age 18-65 years. If you have nasal symptoms (stuffy nose, runny […]

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a large cottonwood tree

Do Not Wait Until the Fluff Flies…Cottonwoods

Bethany K. McClean, MPH, AE-C – BreatheAmerica Albuquerque  Ah the fluffy little puffballs of late spring that leave children and adults alike enchanted. They also leave those who suffer from pollen allergies running for the nearest door.  Before you stampede in attempts to minimize exposure, you should know that if you’re trying to avoid the […]

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the word

Wash it Off

Advice for Healthy Living Nicole Davis, FNP – BreatheAmerica El Paso People often ask me what they can do to stay healthy during peak allergy seasons. As a mother of two small children, keeping my home healthy is top priority. One suggestion is showering in the evening. Every night I bathe my kids and I […]

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